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Lewdle Game

The lewd, crude and especially rude word guessing game with emojis. Lewdle game is a fun and challenging word guessing game. The goal is to find hidden lewdle emojis in each competition. This game requires players to use their knowledge of emojis and the ability to memorize to summarize the final answer in each challenge. If you are a fan of the Word game, you are surely familiar with how to play this game. However, unlike Word game where only normal words are allowed, Lewdle game is about rude or naughty words with emojis.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Lewdle is a game about rude emojis. If you're likely to be offended by the use of profanity, vulgarity or obscenity, it likely isn't for you.

How to play lewdle with emojis?

The task of the game is to guess the hidden emojis. You must guess the 5 lewdl emojis in 6 tries.
After entering the emojis, press the Enter button on the virtual keyboard. Now pay attention to the color with which the letters are highlighted.
If the emoji is not highlighted in color and remains gray, then there is no such emoji in the hidden emoji. If the number is highlighted in green, then the number is in the hidden challenge in this cell.
Please note that emojis can be repeated, that is, if a number is highlighted in green, it can occur in the word either once or more than once.
Now type the following birthday on the second line and press Enter. When doing this, take into account the information about the numbers and their location obtained in the first round.
Continue typing emojis in subsequent lines until you guess the hidden number. After completion, share the game and the result with your friends. And most importantly - you can play once a day with same number for every body in daily mode.

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